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The Habits of Bilinguals: Why Have I Never Heard of ‘Translanguaging’?

I’ll admit it: four years of high-school Spanish plus multiple years of grade-school Spanish have made me only passably able to understand and speak the language. This is partly my own fault, because I lost interest in learning the language … Continue reading

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Brief Research Proposal: Three Ideas, Only One Can Win

I am currently struggling to pick a topic to research for the rest of the semester. At first, I couldn’t think of anything I would want to research for an entire semester. Then I brainstormed with my wonderful dad, and … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Perfect: Take Risks

I used to correct my family’s grammar aloud all the time. I would physically react to a “Your welcome” text, and if someone used the wrong there/their/they’re, my esteem for them lowered dramatically at least for the day. I could … Continue reading

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Why Do I Have to Pick One?

As I read more about writing center philosophy, I constantly come across clashing ideas—the editor vs. the tutor; peer tutors vs. authoritative tutors; nondirective vs. directive methods, etc. And most authors strongly pick one side or the other. One such … Continue reading

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